TABC – English

TABC Certification course in English. This course will train you to meet your Texas TABC requirements and acquire your seller-server certification.

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Course Curriculum

Module A -TABC Seller-Server Overview
Introduction and Objectives Module A Details 00:05:00
Seller-Server Certification Details 00:05:00
Security Check 1. 00:01:00
Definitions Details 00:05:00
Responsibilities of Seller-Server Details 00:05:00
Security Check 2. 00:01:00
‘Safe Harbor’ for Employers Details 00:05:00
MODULE A – Seller Server Unlimited
Module B - Minors and Alcohol
Introduction and Objectives Module B Details 00:05:00
Security Check 3. 00:01:00
Know the Law (For Minors) Details 00:20:00
Know the Law (For Seller-Servers) Details 00:10:00
Security Check 4 00:01:00
Know Your Customers (Checking Identifications) Details FREE 00:20:00
Know When and How to say NO Details 00:05:00
Security Check 5 00:01:00
MODULE B – Minors and Alcohol Unlimited
Module C - Intoxicated People and Alcohol Sales
Introduction and Objectives Module C Details 00:05:00
Security Check 6 00:01:00
Know the Law (Intoxication Laws) Details 00:05:00
Know the Law (Dram Shop Act) Details 00:05:00
Security Check 7 00:01:00
Know your Customers (Signs of Intoxication) Details 00:05:00
Other Methods of Determining Intoxication Details 00:05:00
Security Check 8 00:01:00
When and How to Say NO Details 00:05:00
MODULE C – Intoxicated People and Alcohol Sales Quiz Unlimited
Module D - Other Permits
Introduction and objectives Module D Details 00:01:00
Security Check 9 00:01:00
Private Clubs Details 00:02:00
Security Check 10 00:01:00
Temporary and Promotional Permits Details 00:02:00
MODULE D – Other Permits Review Unlimited
Module E - Final Exam
FINAL EXAM Unlimited
Security Questions and your Seller Server Certificate
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